How do I turn my new flat into a bachelor pad?

How do I turn my new flat into a bachelor pad?

I have just bought a new flat and want it to look like a bachelor pad, but still classy and not a turn off to women! Where do I start?

Well Congratulations on your new (lad) pad James! I am sure that we can give you a few tips to make sure it isn’t a lady repeller. However a lot of that has to do with┬ákeeping it clean, including clothes off the floor and away in cupboards! So it might be worth investing in a cleaner after a nice bachelor pad refurb too.


Black, brown, grey and white do not define bachelor pad. That is the first rule to learn. In fact if everything is in one or all of these colours it will look very bland and very boring. You need to inject your personality into the space. Perhaps you like sports? Do you have any memorabilia? If you do, pick up a colour from this, and then display the memorabilia in a frame, or in a contemporary box on a sideboard.


The colour doesn’t have to be an exact match to something else you have. It is good to vary the shades. Blues, Greens and Oranges are all slightly more masculine. Don’t go bright green, or bright blue, just subtle and varying shades of that particular colour dotted throughout the interior. Textures are also a must, so do think about cushions on your sofa. They aren’t a girls thing.


Don’t be stereotypical. Leather sofas, an egg chair and football inspired throw say more boys bedroom than bachelor pad. Think impressive, and perhaps integrate a home automation system. Electric Curtains, In-Ceiling Speakers, Sensored Lights and LED lighting would be impressive features for both friends and lady. Good luck, and get into it, enjoy it. Enjoying it will help you to get the best out of it.


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