Can you help me find impressive, yet cheap artwork?

Can you help me find impressive, yet cheap artwork?

I am renting an apartment and the walls are really bland. I really want to find an impressive piece of artwork but just can't seem to find anything large enough within my budget. Can you suggest anywhere I can look?

Finding impressive, yet cost effective cheap artwork is tricky Emma, but don’t worry I will let you in on a few secrets. First of all start looking online, it’s a great place to search but will also help give you inspiration if you aren’t too sure what you are looking for.


My favourite places to shop for cheap artwork online are Desenio and I also love the National Geographic Photographer of the Year Award Exhibition and pick up a new piece each year. They sell prints in lots of sizes of the winning photographs and again you can select to have one framed. They are super striking that’s for sure.


Another great way of getting cheap artwork onto the wall is to go out and take a photo. Perhaps it’s of a landscape, of you and your friends laughing or maybe just a flower. Then go to a photo printing company and have them print it at the size you would like. Most printers will also offer a framing service, or just go to your local high street and you are more than likely to find a framers. You can then look at the photo and remember the time you took it each time you look at it.


A little more DIY, but have you ever considered making your own artwork? Regrettably not an artwork snob, and having spent 3 months doing Fine Art on my art foundation at Uni, I do believe anyone can create great art. The Artwork Snobs would kill me for saying that! It’s not that hard, so give it a go. Get yourself a canvas, and just get throwing paint at it. You never know, you may create a masterpiece!

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