How To Choose Your Wedding Dress

How To Choose Your Wedding Dress

The most exciting fashion purchase of your life…

One of the most exciting (not to mention expensive) fashion purchases you’re likely to ever make, choosing your wedding dress is a hugely important part of the planning process. You want to feel confident, comfortable and utterly amazing, so it’s essential that you find the right dress for you. But with wedding dress shopping comes a number of wobbles, from family pressures to self-love struggles. If you’re about to embark on the journey to finding your wedding dress, take a look at our top tips for ensuring you pick the perfect aisle style.

Always go wedding dress shopping with an open mind...

Having said that, it’s definitely worth preparing a couple of mood-boards on Pinterest ahead of your bridal boutique appointment.


Gather the styles that you love – whether they’re similar or completely different. It will help to give your bridal stylist an idea of what your individual style is. They can then work that around what they think will work on your body type.


Ignore strong opinions


One of the most important things to remember when choosing your wedding dress is to be true to yourself. Ignore strong opinions from your family or friend and don’t try to please anyone else but yourself.


For this reason, we’d also recommend bringing just a select few along to your bridal boutique appointment. If you bring over three or four people, it can quickly become overwhelming and you’ll end up feeling stressed out rather than inspired.


If you have an eccentric sense of style, embrace it! This really is the perfect opportunity to flaunt your personality.

One of the most important things to remember when choosing your wedding dress is to be true to yourself...

Consider the practicalities when choosing your wedding dress. From your venue to the time of the year you’ll be tying the knot, these are all things you need to think about when trying on gowns. There’s no point trying on a slinky, sleeveless gown if you’re saying ‘I Do’ in the middle of winter on a snowy mountain. You get the gist, right?

Set a budget


Set a wedding dress budget and stick to it. No seriously, don’t torture yourself by trying on exquisite gowns that are way out of your price limit. You don’t want to break the bank before you’ve even begun!


Remember to take into account all of the little extras too, such as alterations, accessories and more. We recommend picking out your accessories once you’ve chosen your gown – this way, you can ensure your hair pieces and jewellery will work beautifully with your chosen aisle style.

It’s time to start the search for your wedding dress around 9 months ahead of the big day. From sweetheart necklines to illusion material, don’t be afraid of the lingo! Your bridal stylist will be there every step of the way to help you through the wedding dress journey. If you think the first gown you’ve tried on is the perfect choice, make sure you try on a few more just to confirm.

Our top tip? Enjoy every second of it. Choosing your wedding dress is going to be an epic experience that you’ll remember forever. And it really is a chance to feel like a princess. You can read more about Becca’s wedding dress shopping search here!

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