Can I mix wood and metal in a hallway design?

Can I mix wood and metal in a hallway design?

Can I mix wood and metal in our new hallway design - especially when I'd like the metal to be chrome?

There are lots of different ways to mix wood and chrome in a hallway design. Chrome has almost been forgotten about recently as gold, rose gold and brass have taken the interiors world by storm. But it’s still a timeless metal, that works really well in any interior design. A hallway is a room that should wow everyone – you included. It’s the space you first see as you open the front door.


Don’t shy away from going for it – take the interior and make it yours. Chrome goes with lots of different woods. The different pairings will just create different looks. I’ve explained a few of them below in a little bit more detail. Neither pairing is better than another they are just all different.


Chrome and Oak

Chrome and Oak is the most Contemporary pairing of them all. This you may have seen many times before, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t design with it anymore. My only advice would be to soften it with lots of soft furnishings. Think about adding in an armchair and creating a reading corner. This fabric armchair, possibly linen, could sit of a thick velvet pile round rug. Add a chrome floor lamp and side table.


Chrome and Ebony

Elegant and luxurious, chrome paired with ebony really will take your hallway design to another level of opulence. This pairing is for those who want their hallway to look like it’s just come out of a very expensive magazine. Monochrome artwork, an impressive statement chrome pendant light and marble floor will finish off the look.


Chrome and Grey Oak

This is my personal favourite, and don’t think it’s just because it has grey in the title! When I say grey oak, I really just mean a cooler shade of oak rather than a yellow oak. Grey Oak and Chrome creates a rustic yet very stylish finish. The chrome helps to add a little ‘glam’ to the hallway design. Imagine a grey oak staircase, with glass panels and then a chrome console table with rustic baskets and an oversized table lamp. It will remain light and airy whilst including all of the finishes you like.


No matter which wood you choose to go pair with Chrome, it will look amazing – I just know it!

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