Are there nice portable toilets to hire for outdoor weddings?

Are there nice portable toilets to hire for outdoor weddings?

My daughter's outdoor venue don't have enough toilets and have asked us to hire extras for the wedding. She doesn't really want to have porta-loos and I also think that they look a little ugly. Is there any alternative and how many would I need to hire for roughly 150 guests?

This is one of the biggest problems that people face at outdoor weddings Annette. I completely agree with you too – portable toilets are for building sites. And should just not be allowed anywhere near a wedding as far as I’m concerned. However at an outdoor wedding they are a needs must. Firstly I would say that the most important thing to think about is the placement of the toilets. You want them as far out of sight as they can be. But at the same time not too far away to walk to. If they are a little walk, think about cover from rain, or the state of the path for ladies heels.


Have a look into luxury trailer toilets. Some even come equipped with Molton Brown Hand Soap, candles, flowers and a 4 hour cleaner. The biggest thing to consider though is the look from the outside, as you don’t really want anyone to know that they are portable loos. Talk to your venue and see if you can build a mini marquee around the toilets, or even a roofed pergola to help conceal the look of the toilets. You could equip this space with mirrors, sofas and a basket full of hairspray, brushes, deodorant etc. to make your guests feel more special. These little details will help you to forget about the look of the toilets!


The last thing you want to do at a wedding is to queue for a toilet, so we book one toilet per 20 guests. Seeing as you imply that the venue has perhaps at least one toilet available, I would advise booking a 3-cubicle block of portable toilets for the ladies, and a 2 urinale, 1-cubicle block of portable toilets for the gents based on your 150 guest approximation.


Good luck and I hope you and your daughter finds the attractive solution she desperately wants.

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