By refreshing an old sofa, can I create a new look?

By refreshing an old sofa, can I create a new look?

My sofa is really old but I just don't have the funds at the minute to change it. Can you share any tips that will help me to create a new look?

Sometimes there is something nice about just refreshing an old sofa rather than changing it Sue. It certainly makes it feel as though you are getting the best value for money anyway! So here are a few ways that you can up-cycle.


If your budget will allow it, you could have a whole new cover made for the sofa. It would be fitted, but would have to go to the floor, so would give you a more traditional look. However, if your sofa is stained and soiled, then this is a great way to cover it. Alternatively, look into the cost of recovering each individual cushion. You will just need to check if the covers are removable.


A cheaper way would be to buy a very large throw, or a couple of different throws. One could be neutral or a similar colour to the original sofa. Whilst the second could be a brighter colour or pattern. If you layer them, it will create real interest and a totally different look. Also what sort of feet does your sofa have? Why not change them for something completely different. Or alternatively take them off! This will make a difference to the visual look. Cushions are also a great way of switching things up, and in my opinion you can never have too many.


These much cheaper ways of refreshing an old sofa will really help to refresh your room but without breaking the bank. You could also go wild if you have a fabric sofa – dye it! With a darker colour than it currently is of course. It may be a little patchy, but that distressed look is all the rage at the moment.

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