Sofa cushions vs Bed cushions – which would you choose?

Sofa cushions vs Bed cushions – which would you choose?

If you had to choose between sofa cushions or bed cushions, which would it be?

Bed cushions! That was my automatic answer, the one that came straight to mind after reading this question. I think cushions help to make a place, whether that is your bed or your sofa, more inviting. Layering using texture and materials brings a sense of warmth to the space. Texture is important as the body’s response from touching welcoming fabrics will make you feel warm and comfortable. I think that this is more important for your bed! You want it to be a space where you naturally feel cosy and safe. By adding cushions, you’re involuntary doing just that.


Cushions enhance the overall look of both your bed and sofa, whilst adding a touch of style and personality. Personally, I would rather my bedroom reflect my personality over my living room. This is because it’s my room, I want to feel like myself in it and want it to feel like home. In comparison, some people may prefer to opt for sofa cushions as then they are bringing that style into their living room. I feel that people who often entertain or spend a lot of time in their living room would choose sofa cushions. If your bedroom is only a place to rest your head, then there’s no need for bed cushions.


For me, my bedroom is my little haven, so I would definitely choose bed cushions. However, I think it fully depends on which area you want to associate that feeling of warmth and comfort with. I spend very little time on my sofa, so therefore I’d obviously opt for bed cushions.


Here are a few of my favourite shops for both sofa cushions and bed cushions:


Anthropologie for anything boho or moroccan in style

Soho Home for luxurious velvet and sophisticated

Kelly Hoppen for something stylish and chic

Question Asked by Rebecca