Can mum and dad walk down the aisle with me?

Can mum and dad walk down the aisle with me?

I am from a family of all girls and so would like to involve my mum in the wedding a little bit more. Would it be wrong to have both my mum and dad walk me down the aisle?

This is so thoughtful Maddie and ultimately the short and simple answer to your question is walk down the aisle with whoever you want!


There is nothing wrong about walking down the aisle with both parents. In fact you would be embracing the modern bride motion. Tradition would have you believe that your dad should walk you down the aisle at your wedding. And this is so the man of the family could ‘give you away’. Some bridist’s just no longer agree with this tradition and so it is becoming more common to mix up who you walk down the aisle with. You may not be so lucky as to have your dad in you life to ‘give you away’ though, and in this case your mum would immediately take place.


If neither of your parents are in your life, then a bride may ask a sibling, an incredibly close friend, or brave the aisle alone in style. Lucky enough to have both parents present at your wedding, why not ask them both?! Think about this, there will be no tripping over in those new shoes with a strong arm on both sides!


How about you direct your mum to this Q&A, and we can ask her the question together? Maddie’s mum – please would you do the elegant honour of walking your beautiful daughter down the aisle? In fact it’s not a question, it’s a must – I insist! We would absolutely love to see a photo when both your mum and dad walk down the aisle with you.

Question Asked by Maddie