Style Inspiration for Designing a Winter Home

Style Inspiration for Designing a Winter Home

There are several different ways that you can design your Winter home. Focus on colour and comfort to make a cosy and inviting atmosphere.

As the weather turns colder and days become shorter, one thing people focus on is keeping their home cosy. The first thing you should consider is the colour scheme. Here are a few you can recreate to achieve the perfect Winter home.


Holiday Colours

When we think of Winter, we can’t help but think of Christmas. One way to create a Winter home is to style using colours that will also be used for holiday decorating. Incorporating colours such as red and green with neutral tones creates a bright winter scheme. This scheme looks very festive when paired with Christmas decorations. However, by incorporating neutral greys, it helps calm the holiday colours once the celebration is over.

Paint - Benjamin Moore - Red, Salsa, Cactus Green, Silver Chain, City Shadow

Focus on colour and comfort to make a cosy and inviting winter home

Mulled Wine

Whilst the thought of mulled wine is quite festive, it also conjures the feelings of warmth and comfort. These are ideal qualities when designing your Winter home. Pair the deep wine colour with neutral browns and touches of pine green to create an earthy and warm environment. This scheme looks particularly good with natural wood floors as it sets off the darker wine and pine shades create a moodier feel to your Winter home.

Paint - Benjamin Moore - Carriage Red, Pancake Syrup, Racing Orange, Blonde Wood, Black Jack

Winter Frost

Create a snowy and frosty scheme by layering shades of grey and silver. Whilst grey is popular all year round, during winter it helps conjured images of silvered branches or frosty window panes. It is a good neutral that can pair well with accent colours and for the colder season, working particularly well with hints of blue or dusty green. Colours that look frosty work brilliant in creating the perfect Winter home.

Paint - Benjamin - Black Jack, City Shadow, Pikes Peak Grey, Silver Bells, Buxton Blue

Styling your Winter Home

Ideas to remember when styling your Winter home is that you want to achieve comfort and warmth. This is important as the weather gets colder and darker, as it’ll make your home cosier. Fill your rooms with rugs, blankets and pillows, as layering using texture and materials brings a sense of warmth to the space. Texture is important in winter as the body’s response from touching welcoming fabrics will be enough to warm you from within. Therefore, think about using faux fur and chunky knit accessories or incorporating textures such as wool, velvet or chenille into your scheme to create a winter home.

Texture is important in winter as the body’s response from touching welcoming fabrics will warm you from within.


Another important factor is lighting. As the sun sets a lot earlier, then ambient lighting is a must for any winter home. Opting for warm bulbs, lights with yellow undertones, will cast a cosy feel over everything. You want to create pools of light that have an inviting and comforting feel, which can also be done using candles. Candles can be very important to creating a winter home. The ambience of a room is heavily affected by the scents you use in it. Add warmth to your rooms by purchasing scented candles. Scents involving woods, spices and cinnamon work particularly well in winter.

Here are some accessories you could consider for each of the colour schemes above.


For a scheme incorporating Holiday Colours, think about using a bright throw like the Mohair Blanket, and offset with a grey Knitted Scatter Cushion or Chenille Cushion. Think about opting for artificial flowers, that’ll last the winter months, such as a Berry Jar to complement your scheme.

Winter home

When working with the Mulled Wine scheme, a great accessory is Mulled Wine Scented Candles to create the perfect ambience. You want to incorporate deep wine colours, which you can do with a mulberry coloured Velvet Stitch Throw. If you have a fire, complete the wintery feel with a full Wicker Log Basket

Winter home

My personal favourite is Winter Frost as I just think it’s perfect for any Winter home. I put together a styled shoot for this scheme to demonstrate how you could use the frosty colours.

Shop This Look

If you want to recreate this look, opt to use a soft grey throw such as Windowpane from Bronte by Moon. Use cushions like the Faux Mongolian Cushion or the Bordoni Cushion to fill your sofas. Accessories could include a Driftwood Star or Stone Apple, whilst the Plate is from Kelly Hoppen. Finally complete your Winter home with an atmospheric Pine, Cedar and Eucalyptus Candle.

The cushions used in the styled shoot were bespoke made by Jane Clayton. Her company offers made to measure cushions allowing you to select the size and shape, fabric and finish.


The cushions we have used are 45cm square, in Kai Glacier Silver and Warwick Dolce Midnight.

The most important factor for your winter home is warmth - so that when it gets colder outside, you will have a perfectly cosy home.

All 3 of these schemes compliment holiday decorations, but also allow for a style that will effortlessly last until Spring. Remember that when you are styling your winter home, the most important factor is warmth. When the temperature drops you will appreciate styling with soft throws and comfy textures, so that when it gets colder outside you, will have a perfectly cosy home.

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