Style Inspiration for a Festive Table Setting

Style Inspiration for a Festive Table Setting

festive table

A festive table setting is the perfect thing to help bring the extra little touch of Christmas magic. It is a simple way to dress a space with style and a great way to impress your friends and family.

When styling your festive table, it is important to consider whether you’ll be having serving plates on the table. This is because it is influential on how big you want your centre piece to be. I wanted to create a rustic, yet glamorous festive table with a large centrepiece. Therefore, for this style, no serving plates would be on the table.

A festive table and centre piece is the perfect thing to bring that little extra touch of Christmas magic

To create a festive table similar to mine, start with a wreath – a Christmas wreath makes a great centre piece and looks lovely.  You then want to find items that match the wreath. The wreath I chose is rustic wood with silver glitter accents. Therefore, I have chosen to use natural and white coloured pinecones, silver baubles and small twigs. Don’t be afraid to incorporate natural elements into your festive table. Flowers and twigs can add depth and structure to your design. I also like to use candles in my centre pieces as, when lit, they create a cosy and intimate atmosphere, perfect for your Christmas dinner.

Start with the wreath and place your largest candle in the middle. Working from the middle out, arrange the twigs to create the size of your centre piece. Once the twigs are in place, position your candles. I like to create a festive table that has a sense of symmetry to it, so I try to mirror the candle placement on either side of the wreath. After that, start filling the spaces with the baubles and pinecones. Place the larger towards the centre, to create a piece that flows outwards. I like to use miniature baubles for either end.

Use candles in your setting as, when lit, they create a cosy and intimate atmosphere, perfect for your Christmas dinner.

festive table

If you don’t like having the décor loose on the table, then opt for this other option. Get a small basket or crate, almost like a bread basket. Place your candles inside, then fill the surrounding space with the same materials as the previous style. Baubles, pinecones, sprigs of holly if you want – it’s up to you.

The frosty and glittery theme feels magical and Christmassy, allowing you to make the table setting truly special

festive table

Once your centre piece is built, then you can add crockery and cutlery – consider the colour of your centre piece when choosing. My festive table scheme is frosty greys and silvers with natural wood. Therefore, I chose to use grey plates. I have only done a single plate as I typically don’t have starters with a Christmas dinner.  Combined with classic silver cutlery and silver ombré tumblers, the crockery is simple and allows the festive table centre piece shine through. To finish of the setting, I opted to change traditional napkin rings for small baubles tied with a small twig and silver ribbon. This makes it feel more festive.


Hopefully this has provided you with some inspiration on how to style your festive table. As the holidays are a special time, you want the table setting to have a personal touch, that shows your taste and style. More importantly, when it comes to Christmas, you want everything to have that magical touch that it doesn’t have the rest of the year. This frosty and glittery theme feels festive, it allows you to create a truly special setting for your Christmas dinner.

A shot from my favourite blog post on festive table settings.
festive table

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