What colour pop can be added to a grey colour scheme?

What colour pop can be added to a grey colour scheme?

My girlfriend's colour scheme is just completely grey. Can you suggest a colour to add into the home that won't stand out like a sore thumb?

It would appear that you are not the only man that isn’t so keen on the grey colour scheme Josh. I find it really calming, but then I am a huge lover of grey. My advise would be to integrate really soft shades of colour. If you add anything too bold, you are at risk of making the scheme look tacky.


Blue, Purple, Orange and Green all work very well with grey. Here are the trending shades of these colours right now. Inky blue, so a really deep blue. Aubergine Purple, so a soft almost reddy pinky purple. Burnt Orange, deep orange again with a hint of reddish to it. Sage Green, so a dark leafy green but not quite Khaki colour. Have you noticed a trend between them too?! Dark and moody! You don’t have to use trending colours, but it will much easier to find inexpensive items to test out the colour first.


Perhaps a colour might be too much for your girlfriend, and if it is why not start with textures and metals. Adding brass details into an all grey colour scheme can give it that luxurious hint it needs. And will make such a difference to the current, fairly bland look. Brass candle holders, a brass legged coffee table and brass detail lamp would be a great start.


Just make sure you always get a couple of things. Anything colourful in a grey scheme will stand out like a sore thumb if there is only one item in that colour. Perhaps some artwork on the wall has a little colour. Pick out one of those colours and buy a cushion in the same colour. Perhaps also a vase in that colour for the coffee table. This will make the colour look like it was meant to be there. Hopefully your girlfriend agrees!

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