Last minute wedding planning details you don’t want to forget

Last minute wedding planning details you don’t want to forget

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What counts as last minute wedding planning details? Are we talking a couple of days? A week? The last month of planning? Well if you know me well, then you know I consider the last 6 months as last minute! But in real terms, these are the last minute details you don’t want to forget about in the week of your wedding.

The last week will fly by in a flash. I mean I still have 2 months to go to our wedding and I can’t believe how quickly the months are flying by. Let alone the days towards the end. It’s quite likely you might forget a few details with the excitement of your family arriving and the countdown starting. So here are the last minute wedding planning details you don’t want to forget.


Some you might think ‘obviously’ too, but try to plan as much in advance as possible. You don’t want to arrive somewhere on your checklist only to be told there is a waiting list and you have to wait a few days. You might not actually have the days they are asking you to wait for!! So booking anything that might need to be booked is a must.

The last couple of weeks is just going to fly by. So make sure everything is booked in nice and early, so you can enjoy that last week as much as possible.

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Last minute wedding planning details checklist


I recently popped into my jewellers to try on my wedding ring again (yes I know that sounds slightly odd). My parents wanted to visit for another reason, and so I used it as an opportunity to try on my ring again. As I was doing so, they cleaned my engagement ring. And I could not believe the difference it made!


My ring was SO dirty! Even though it didn’t really look that dirty until they cleaned it. Remember your wedding ring has never been worn, so you need to go and get your engagement ring professionally cleaned just before the big day. My jewellers works on an appointment basis, and so I’ve booked it in now for the week before our wedding.

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Work out when all of your balance payments are due. The last thing you want to have to do is spend the day after the wedding trawling through your budget working everything out. By working it out in advance, you can remain in your little wedding bubble, whilst not being held accountable for any late payment charges.


Break in those shoes. I’m guessing you’ve bought a new pair of shoes for the big day? Well I don’t know about you, but I don’t think I’ve ever worn a brand new pair of shoes and not got blisters. Break your shoes in as soon as you can do. But spend that final week wearing them for 1 hour a day if you can do.


Last minute beauty appointments


I’m looking at my nails as I type this out and am thinking ‘Yuk’. They really are awful, and so often I forget about getting them done. Get an appointment booked into the diary for that final week before your wedding day. Remember to look at colours before going too. I always panic on the day otherwise and go for a colour I would literally NEVER choose.


When did you last have your hair cut? I’m not saying to go to the hairdressers and choose this as a time to ‘be brave’ and go for something wild. Absolutely not. Keep it simple and keep it similar. But if you do need to have your fringe trimmed again, use the last week as a time to do it.


Perhaps your wearing an off the shoulder dress and need a tan? Or maybe your dress isn’t full length? Fake tanning/Spray tanning and waxing are all appointments that need to be booked in. So get these last minute wedding planning details into the last week.

You wouldn't buy a pair of shoes and expect to walk around London in them for the whole day without sore feet and blisters. So don't do the same with your wedding shoes.

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Some wedding planning details have to be left until last minute. Things you just can’t do until the very end. Like Finalising your seating plan. Unfortunately for you, people have the opportunity to drop out until the very end, and so more often than not you will not be able to confirm it until the last week.


My design of table plan means that I will have to finalise it within the month before, but this isn’t common. Let’s just hope none of our guests decide last minute that they don’t want to come any more!!!


Pack for your honeymoon


Another task you really can’t do until the last minute is to pack for your honeymoon. You do not want to be having to ‘leave your wedding early’ to go and pack for your honeymoon. So pop everything into your suitcase within that week before the big day.


Whilst on the subject of packing. Pack yourself a little emergency kit for the big day too. Include things like safety pins, needle and thread, hair spray, hair bobbles and clips, painkillers, plasters and a nail file. If you are away from home, the venue or hotel you are staying at might not have these things. So it’s best to be safe than sorry.

You don't want to have to leave the party early because you still have to pack for the next day.

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Sign off from work so you can focus all of your energy on your wedding planning details. Send those last few emails and then log out. This is a time you won’t get again. So it’s a time you need to be spent with family and friends and not attached to your phone answering those silly questions from work that could definitely be answered without you.


Remember to relax and enjoy it all. The week before your wedding day is always going to be nervy and stressful. I don’t think there is much getting away from that. So just relax and enjoy everything as much as you can. Remember to drink lots of water and get a good nights sleep.


A good way to completely relax and enjoy it all? Hire a wedding planner! Did you know that we offer full wedding planning services as well as just simply on the day styling services? Email us at if you’d like to know more.

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