The moment our founder Becca got engaged

The moment our founder Becca got engaged

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I’m still stuck in my little engagement bubble. For all of you that have been engaged, you will understand exactly what I mean. I actually still cannot believe that this has happened. Me – engaged! And I wanted to share it with you, so I never have to forget how it all happened.

I never want to forget the moment that my then boyfriend Josh got down on one knee. It's a feeling I've never experienced before, and one that I want to remember forever.

So this is the story of how I got engaged. On the 3rd March 2018 I turned 27. Rather stupidly I thought it would be a good idea to work. However I really needed the money, and knew that we would celebrate later on. Well I wasn’t wrong. We had dinner booked at the Ivy Cafe in Richmond that evening with my mum and dad. And my then boyfriend Josh had booked a surprise trip to Babington House for a couple of days away as a birthday treat too.


For any of you that aren’t familiar with Babington House, it’s part of the Soho House Group. A very relaxed members club for creatives that I’ve been a member of for the last three and a half years. It’s also well known as a wedding venue too though. The likes of James Cordon, Eddie Redmayne and even Millie Mackintosh and her ex husband Professor Green were all married there. I planned a wedding there for a lovely couple J&B back in 2015 as well. And that wedding was the one that made me realise I wanted to plan weddings forever.


Before it all…


Completely clueless and after a couple of glasses of Prosecco after arriving on the Sunday, we were finally showed to our room. I always like to take some snaps of the room before we touch anything. So I got out my camera and started snapping away. I did ask Josh if he could close the wardrobe door for me. (Obviously open, it was ruining my shot!) And he was a bit snappy with me, saying “I need my bag”. In that really stern, I’m really annoyed with you for asking me to close it type of way.


I didn’t really think anything of it though, and just thought he was tired after the drive up from London. Little did I know it was actually because my ring was tucked in one of his boots in his bag! And by me closing the door and shutting it in, he had little time to get the ring out whilst I was still distracted by my camera!


You really wouldn’t believe that we were about to get engaged would you?!

We’d booked a roast dinner for 5.30pm (As an under 27s member you get discount from 4pm on Sunday’s), however as the roast finishes at 6pm, you need to be sure to get in beforehand. My photography faffing meant that we were a little late leaving. And by late I mean 5.25pm, as late for me is anything after 30 minutes early! But we stopped to take a quick selfie at Josh’s suggestion, and who would have thought it would have been the last snap of us as girlfriend and boyfriend.

Josh asked if I'd like to go for a walk up to the chapel before dinner. And even at that point, I still had no clue what was about to happen.

How it happened…


Babington House has an on site Chapel, and most wedding ceremonies take place in the Chapel, before the wedding reception in the main house. Before dinner, and despite being a little late, Josh asked if I’d like to go for a walk up to the Chapel. He’s never seen it before, and so I didn’t even question why he might want to walk up there. So we did. The ground was a little soggy, but we were both wearing trainers so didn’t need to worry about getting dirty shoes.


Whilst up there, Josh exclaimed at how beautiful the venue was, and how it would really make a lovely wedding venue. To which he added, I’d really like to marry you one day. Still totally oblivious to what he was implying, I replied that I would love to marry him one day. I turned around to face him, and noticed that he was down on one knee. Me being me, I told him to get up as the ground was wet and he would get a dirty knee – when you do the washing, you know how bad grass stains can be! And it wasn’t really until he started to unzip his pocket that I knew exactly what he was doing.


In complete shock, I managed to ask him if he was being serious, to which he told me to shut up. And spoke the following “Becca Jordan, would you make me the happiest man in the world and marry me?”. To which I answered “ABSOLUTELY YES!”.

Photograph by Benjamin Thomas Wheeler

What happened next…


After a few tears, from Josh, a whirling around in the air and a lot of giggling, we headed in for our Roast Dinner. It was the quietest that we’ve ever been at the dinner table. And I just couldn’t stop staring at my ring. I did admit to Josh then, that I was bit worried when he got the box out because it was so tiny! HOW AWFUL – but I was so worried that I might not like the ring. Well, as soon as he opened the box, that worry disappeared immediately. As I absolutely love it.


He’d spent the last 4 months searching Hatton Gardens, sitting at appointments and then having my ring made. It had been in our apartment for an entire week before as well! But the best thing about it, was that it fitted perfectly, so it’s been on my finger ever since. I managed to eat one carrot and my yorkshire pud that evening, I think just from the sheer excitement I wasn’t able to eat. I then started crying all over the table with happiness, realising again what had just happened. And couldn’t wait to start telling our family and friends.


So there you have it, a wedding planner, engaged. I will be taking you through our whole wedding journey which I’m so unbelievably excited for. WE’RE ENGAGED!

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  • Sue Haylock

    16th November 2018 at 8:10 am Reply

    I love ready that story , so romantic .Josh is full of surprises xxxx

    • Becca Jordan

      16th November 2018 at 8:35 am Reply

      I’m so glad that you enjoyed reading it! I think that it was the best surprise of all…xx

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