Winter Colour Schemes for a Seasonal Wedding

Winter Colour Schemes for a Seasonal Wedding

winter colour - icy white

Winter may seem cold and harsh, but there’s a beauty to it that can’t be matched. The holidays, a chance of snow and dark nights filled with fires and fairy lights, the colder months can make a beautiful backdrop. Paired with a stunning winter colour scheme and you’ll have the perfect seasonal wedding. 

Winter weddings can seem daunting. However, there are many positive factors to hosting your wedding in this season. Typically, weddings held at this time are cheaper, but I also think there’s something magical about a winter wedding. They allow for cosy receptions, filled with candles and endlessly rich dessert tables. If you’re lucky enough to get snow, then you’ll also have the perfect white background for your winter colour scheme to pop! 

It’s about embracing the natural elements of the season, the parts that make it beautiful!

There are so many beautiful colours associated with winter which can be easily incorporated into your scheme. Reds, greens, silver and gold, whether it’s in little touches or bold uses, winter colours evoke the spirit of the season. They are the factors that can take your wedding from a cold and dark winter to a magical wonderland!  

winter colour - icy white
winter colour - traditional holiday

Winter Colour Schemes-


Icy White-


The first winter colour scheme is one of icy wonder. Use white, dusty blue and touches of silver, to create an elegant, understated wedding of pure snowy perfection. You could incorporate this scheme with silver or soft blue bridesmaids dresses. Consider white fur trim jackets or muffs to protect them from the cold. Viburnum, also known as Snowball, is a classic winter flower that will look beautiful combined with snowy Dusty Miller leaves or Silver Brunia. Round out the bouquet with Lamb’s Ear foliage to give a frosty effect, creating a bouquet bursting with winter colour. Learn about other seasonal flowers in our previous post. 


Complete your scheme with chandelier inspired centrepieces and crystal cut glassware. Add a pale blue or white cake, potentially with glitter frosting, marble detailing or intricate snowflake decals. For the finishing touch, top the cake with delicate icy blue macarons for a wedding evocative of a snowy, ice-filled landscape. 

Reds, greens, silver and gold, whether it’s in little touches or bold uses, winter colours evoke the spirit of the season.

Traditional Holiday- 


Something that cannot be overlooked during winter is the holiday season! However, you don’t have to have a Christmas wedding to embrace these colours. Berry red, pine green and natural wood textures make a great winter colour scheme. Start with lots of natural elements such as log centrepieces, decorated with candle and lanterns, and carry this style throughout. Opt for a naked wedding cake to rock those natural vibes, topped off with berries, bold red blooms and a dusty greenery wreath. 


This can then match the floral arrangements. Consider berry and pine boutonnieres and a matching bouquet topped up with pinecones, ferns and red roses. An evergreen bouquet with red bloom is timelessly romantic! Accentuate the red with the bridesmaid dresses and keep them warm with cape-like bridal shawls. You could even consider adding touches of tartan! 

winter colour - traditional holiday
winter colour - winter luxe

Winter Luxe – 


Embrace the shorter days and opt for a darker winter colour scheme! Deep burgundy, rich plum and subtle blush tones, paired with gold accents work brilliantly for a lavish yet moody winter wedding. Burgundy is the colour you really want to embrace here – think burgundy stationery, paired with a few cream pieces and deep plum wax seals. Opt for burgundy bridesmaid dresses, or have mismatched bridesmaids and add a few rose gold or blush coloured dresses. 


The colours in this scheme are rich shades taken straight from nature. Therefore include lots of greenery and grand floral arrangements. Use classic roses in deep berry tones, paired with seasonal greens and berries for your bouquet. Then add in natural elements to other arrangements, such as figs, plums or grapes – these could even adorn your cake as well! Overall, this winter colour scheme makes for a stunning black tie wedding, with just a touch of festive sparkle. 

winter colour - winter luxe
winter colour - starry night

Starry Night-


Deep indigo, navy blue and grey, touched with sparkling silver touches and the palest gold details. This scheme creates a setting evocative of the clearest starlit night – Whimsical, ethereal and utterly swoon-worthy! This would work for a New Years Eve Wedding or any wedding where you want to take advantage of a long night. If you dreamed of a wedding underneath a canopy of fairy lights, with candles burning everywhere, then this scheme is for you. Adorn the rafters with string lights or hang mismatched lanterns in shades of gold and brass, so that everything is bathed in soft light! 


If you have lots of light in your scheme, then work in darker touches elsewhere. Have inky blue or indigo stationery, either brushed with silver or in a watercolour/tie-dye effect. This will help create the feeling of a night sky. Opt for ombre bridesmaid dresses of varying shades of blue – or even an ombre wedding dress with navy sparkly bridesmaids! The contrasting palettes of light and dark will create a magical nighttime wedding. Finish your big day with a sparkler send off and you’ll have the most magical time!

winter colour - starry night

The holidays, a chance of snow and dark nights filled with fires and fairy lights, the colder months can make a beautiful backdrop for your wedding.

Overall, whilst winter can conjure images of rainy days and dark nights, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a great wedding. Instead, it’s about embracing the natural elements of the season, the parts that make it beautiful. So book that hot chocolate cart, stock up on blankets and fairy lights and create a wedding that is filled with wonder. It’ll be a truly memorable experience for you and your guests, because whilst the nights can be dark, these winter colour schemes will leave your day bursting with colour! 

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