Creative Ways To Style Your Sideboard

Creative Ways To Style Your Sideboard

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Most homes have a sideboard as they are ideal for both storage and display. Usually in a living or dining room, a sideboard can provide a feature along an otherwise blank wall. However, what is on display is just as important as what is stored inside! Try these different styling ideas to add some character and design to your sideboard.

The sideboard can often be a focal point within a room, therefore it is the ideal place to show off personal items and decorative ornaments. Whatever the style of your sideboard, don’t leave it bare.

The sideboard is the ideal place to display personal items and decorative ornaments. Use it to showcase your personal style.

Everyone has different a style, so these ideas aren’t schemes, just tips that you can replicate in your own way. Similar to when you are styling your coffee table, which I wrote about previously (read here), you need to work with the aesthetic of your room and balance your sideboard styling with it. The principles I highlighted in the linked blog still apply. You want to create varying heights to make the display more pleasing, as well as incorporating something from nature, with a few personal touches too.


Here are some simple yet creative ways you can style your sideboard.

Book Stacks

Books are a great way to style a sideboard. They’re also an easy yet effective way to tie your design into the colour scheme of your room. Opt to use books where the cover colour or pattern ties in with your scheme. Also select books that relate to your interests, as this will make the design more personal.


For this style, I have stacked my books horizontally, but for added interest you can choose to have a combination of horizontal and vertical. If you go for vertical, then you can use a stylish ornament to hold them in place. Use the books to create varying heights and place decorative ornaments on top. This will give your sideboard a more organic look, as it won’t just cut off flat. I’ve chosen to add a small medicine bottle vase, some flowers, an ornamental mouse and some candles.

Colour Accents

A really easy way to style your sideboard is by looking for colour inspiration from the unit itself. Ours is a really dark wood, with bronze legs, therefore for this style I’ve chosen to use dark ornaments, punctuated with metallic accents.


The black ornaments elegantly match the sideboard, whilst the metallic tones are flattering and subtly glamorous. A mixture of the cool tarnished silver along with the bronze and gold features, offers a unique style which is both modern and elegant. The accented metallics draw attention to the ornaments. The pieces I’ve chosen to use are organic in shape, with ruffled edges and smooth curved lines. This helps to soften the intensity of quite a dark scheme. Also, by having the trailing ivy hanging off the edge you add an extra dimension to your scheme. It draws the eye lower creating another level of interest.

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Home Styling Props, Styling Props, Interior Stylist, Interior Styling

Look for colour inspiration from the unit itself. Use ornaments of a similar colour to tie the scheme together and accent it with pops of another colour.


Another creative way you can style your sideboard is by using symmetry. This will create a sense of balance in your design. When used in the home, symmetry can portray a feeling of stability and calmness, however could also be viewed as static. This is why I like to work with some symmetrical features.


An example of this, is how I’ve used symmetrical vases at each end of the sideboard, framing the unit. However, after this, I opt to mirror this motif with similar but not identical items. A smaller round glass vase and round grey apples of a similar size sit next to the large vases. This creates a pseudo sense of symmetry, whilst also achieving this clean finish of a symmetrical display.

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Rule of Three

Groupings of three work extremely well when styling almost anything in your home. This is a good trick if you have a long sideboard, or sometimes find it difficult to cover the whole surface. The rule of three works by forcing the eye to move around more, making for a more interesting visual. Focus on creating focal points made from clusters of 3 items.


The easiest way to achieve the rule of three is by using 3 of the same items, as I’ve done in the centre, with 3 plain white candles of varying heights. It also works for items of similar colours or shapes. At one end of the unit I’ve grouped a large grey vase, with a smaller grey candle and a grey coaster. By having several small groups of items, your eye travels along the display adding interest and a fluidity to the display.

Adapt each of these tips to fit your own theme by swapping out items or colours I’ve used to ones that fit your interior style and personality.

By styling your sideboard, it’s a great way to add extra detail into the room, without overpowering it. Each of these tips are creative ways to add interest to your sideboard, whilst also showcasing your own style and personality. They can be adapted to any interior, just swap out items or colours I’ve used to ones that fit your theme. If you keep these ideas in mind, then you can achieve your own beautifully styled sideboard.

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